Busking on the streets of Las Palmas


I am still in Las Palmas! Over a month on Gran Canaria! Some sailors warned me not to get stuck here but now that is what has happened. Actually though, the winds has not been blowing so much in the right direction and I have been working hard on making Caprice more ready for a big crossing and more pleasant to live on.

I have also had such a lovely time, with the opposite of loneliness, lots of social action onboard and lots of people helping out with jobs on Caprice. Julia and Lisa, my two new  sisters have stayed with me on Caprice the whole time. It has been so wonderful sharing meals together and they cooked so much for me while I was working as well as helping out with the work. The crew of Hrönn have also been helping me with lots of stuff on Caprice. For those of you interested in boat stuff, the list of stuff that has been done this month is at the bottom. Big thanks to Emil, Greg, Uno, Tjelvar, Lisa and Julia.JuliaandEmmaThere are two of me onboard 🙂 – Julia and I in beautiful Puerto de las Nieves sanding the wood

DSC_0190I am getting help with the propeller axe – Uno, his friend and Emil in Las Palmas marina

DSC_0191Greg after climbing the mast to fit the lazy jacks

It really has made such a difference to my trip and my energy to be surrounded by people. This is a solo sailing project but I just know that I could never get this far without the help and the energy from all those that have helped me along the way. And not just thanks the people here of course, also everybody back home in Sweden who did so much before I departed. And Tom and Debbie who came with me to Falmouth.

The stress and fatigue I felt before has now completely gone away. I am so curious to see how I will feel when I am all alone again. And how it will be to spend those lonely weeks with the sea – the Atlantic!

In between work Lisa, Julia and I tried our luck with busking here in Las Palmas to pay for food and harbour fees and we have had such a great time doing this. We learned a few songs together and made a set featuring our voices, my guitar, Julia’s harmonica and Lisa’s egg. Not only did we meet lots of people and made lots of smiles but we have paid all the harbour fees and food for three weeks. As well as money we received a beautiful drawing of a heart by some children and a polaroid photo made by the same adorable children. Below is a video of what happened when a local singer joined us and made such a happy crowd on the street.

IMG_20171127_191443Our little fan club – those kids where so adorable and truly warmed our hearts

Lisa and Julia have found a lovely family of five to take them to Kap Verde onboard a large aluminium sailing yatch. That is great news but we all feel sad to go separate ways. We are hoping to meet again in Brazil. Lisa and Julia will search for a new boat in Kap Verde to take them there.

I have stocked up with food and water and now feel ready to go. And the winds are starting to look good.

I will set off tomorrow or Saturday. I heard that Friday is not meant to be a good day to leave but we will see what the morning brings and feel the wind!

Brazil is the next planned port for Caprice and I.

En varm hälsning till klass 8B på Ängås skola och till alla barnen på Brännö skola. Följ era drömmar och tack för att ni följer min resa, det betyder så mycket för mig därute på det stora havet.

Sisters Lisa and Julia with Caprice anchored in the background

List of things achieved:

  • Rust lines washed away from hull – Thanks Lisa!
  • Sikaflex applied to the teak around hull where the rustlines came from (quite a job)
  • Propeller axe tightened
  • Broken Vhf fixed – bought new a new Vhf and had the antenna checked by awesome technician Mike.
  • ‘Garage’ and sliding hatch sanded and varnished 6 times.
  • Lazy Jacks fitted by Greg, JIPPIE!!! – No more fighting with the sail
  • The new Glembring heater fitted by Emil – THANKYOU!
  • Round window fitted on entrance door so that I can see out in a storm.
  • Wooden lid on bin with hinges- very important as I sleep next to it 🙂 Thanks Emil!
  • Four new wind vanes cut and varnished
  • New and stronger fitting for the kicker (kicktalja) thanks to Greg, brilliant!
  • Mid ship pollards fitted- I needed them mostly for something sturdy to attach the preventer to
  • Kerosene stove (Fotogenkök) fixed and fitted and a few near fires onboard as a result of this but we are getting to know each other 🙂
  • Kitchen taps fixed as they leaked – thanks Tjelvar
  • Varnished some of the interior and cut ventilation holes in the wardrobe doors to prevent mould – thanks Lisa and Julia
  • Leaking dinghy fixed – Julia 🙂
  • Most of the leaks on deck fixed – I hope
  • Lines tied on the mast steps so that the halyards do not get caught behind them – Lisa 🙂


4 Replies to “Busking on the streets of Las Palmas”

  1. Japp lätt att fastna i L P men en månad är inte att fastna det är mer ett nödvändigt reparationsstopp som du får räkna med att få fler av. Gött att läsa att du snart är på väg igen.
    Fair winds


  2. Hi Emma
    Happy to hear about your nice stay and well deserved recovery in Las Palmas. Whish all the best and a safe and pleasant sailing to Brazil.
    Big hug from Lars & Mayvi


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