Visiting St Helena Island and the Whale Sharks

It took about two weeks to sail from Tristan to St Helena. On this journey I had a three day long gale from the north followed by four days of being becalmed in the South Atlantic high pressure. But after a few days of wonderful, stable and fresh SE trade winds, I arrived near The Anchorage at nightfall, dark was just falling as I approached.

St Helena Yatch Services came out in a dinghy and guided me to the mooring buoy which was truly great, otherwise I would have had to heave to for the night and wait until the morning to moor up as it was too dark for me to approach the moorings. As with Tristan, my navigation computer had missed out St Helena, so I had no proper chart of the island, just a little drawn map in the Pocket Atlas of remote Islands. In addition to this I had the koordinates of the mooring so I had no problems finding it.

St Helena Book

Approaching the island as the sun is about to setApproaching St HelenaCaprice resting at The Anchorage – in the background the ketch La Belle EpoqueCapriceAnchorage

St Helena is a wonderful destination to visit and there I had my first proper experience of connecting with other sailors and socializing around the boats. As I had by this point been alone with the sea for a long time, it was great to meet people, share dinners, hear their stories and talk about the ins and outs of this unique life that long distance sailing entails.

Hiking St Helena 2

I went on a drive and a hike around the island together with a couple from another boat. There are around 4500 people living on St Helena. It is the kind of place where you can leave your computer on a table in a cafe whilst going shopping and it still being there when you return. If you walk along a road a car will stop and ask if you want a ride.

The pace of life has a great calmness to it, the scenery is stunning and the climate perfect, mostly sunny with a fresh breeze and around 20-25 degrees.

Inland the island is really greenSt Helena Green

I arrived there on a Tuesday night, during Wednesday and Thursday I did my bunkering and planning and spent a fortune in the internet cafe (£6 per hour, the internet being through satellite). These days I also decided against fixing the engine here as it would take a lot of time and cost a lot of money.

On the Saturday I went on a trip arranged by James from St Helena Yatch Services to go snorkeling with Whale Sharks. At the top you see me swimming above one of those amazing creatures filmed by my boat neighbour Jürgen, who sails with Claudia on their beautiful steel ketch La Belle Epoque (

On the 25th of March we are leaving St Helena behindLeaving St Helena

The day after swimming with the Whale Sharks, Caprice and I set off towards the Azores with the current plan being to stop there and fix the engine and possibly take a break and fly home until the summer.

However as you may be aware, when the voyage proceeded I decided to just keep going and attempt to sail all the way home without making any more stops. I really got into my life at sea and stopping at the Azores seemed like a costly and time consuming hassle without the engine and with all the calm winds around that area.

I always wanted to stay at sea for a really long time, so I started to feel that sailing all the way home now would be a great opportunity to experience this. I only wished that I had packed a little more provistion than I had, but I really hoped to catch some fish along the way!

The day after leaving, becamled…..Hmm maybe I should have fixed that engine after all !!Hm becalmed

Följ Anders Eriksson

Nu när jag är hemma så får ni alla följa min gode vän Anders på hans otroliga resa. En stor del av mig är lite svartsjuk på Anders och alla månader han har framför sig ensam med havet på sin båt Malala. Han jagar den andra svensken Kjell då de båda deltar i och tävlar om att bli förste svensken som seglar non-stop jorden runt.

Här är en artikel i På Kryss om Anders (och lite om mig) skriven av Linda Hammarberg då vi fick hälsa på Malala dagen innan hon och Anders lade ut från Ljungkile.

Anders hemsida:

Artiklar och Radio :)

Jag kommer snart att lägga upp mer om fortsättningen på resan och fler videor och bilder. Men här är linkar till de artiklar som skrivits om min resa samt radio:

Landing….after an Atlantic figure of eight – 15 000 nautical miles alone


So I have now been home for a week, though it does feel much longer. The journey is now already in the past and I am trying to adjust to life on land whilst not enirely loosing the deep and calm feeling of peace I found at sea. (Wish me good luck!)

I am very happy to be home and to be amongst loved ones again. At the same time there is a little sadness somewhere deep down that this special time is now over. But there is a time and a place for everything and I am just so greatful to have had the journey that I did. Now a new one will begin on land with different kinds of joys and challenges which I look forward to. This includes earning money somehow, putting some roots down and invest time with the people whom I love.

Sailing will always be part of my life and I am sure I will sail the big seas again at some point in my life. In the meantime I will explore the destinations more nearby during the summers.



Caprice’s engine needs to come out and I decided to sail her to Svanesund to attempt this job there, having some local support from an old friend who is very experienced with engines. I am not, but I am about to learn! To hand the job entirely over to a workshop could end up being VERY expensive.

I am not sure yet if I will keep Caprice or sell her on to someone else who wants to do some long distance sailing which she is so well suited for.



The Blog

There is so much to write and I have a lot of videos and photos. I will post my story bit by bit so keep an ear out. I am also planning to make a film, maybe write a book and give some talks. I am very happy to share my experience in all the ways that I can, as it was so special and unique and I hope to inspire others to take that step and follow a dream, whatever that dream may be!

I Hamn i Tångudden!!

Efter en tuff segling in och en äventyrlig bogsering av George och hans båt från Brännö ligger jag nu i hamn 🙂 Västnytt har intervjuat mig och det sends nu! Återkommer med mer berättelser. Har fått ett fantastiskt välkomnande av nära och kära.

Lite Vind

Gott och ha mobilkontakt med Emma. Vi har bestämt !! att hon ankommer Tångudden ca kl15 på måndag. Kom gärna då alla som kan och vinka in henne– eller senare. Enl. YR kommer Emma och Caprice med regnet– dubbel glädje och fest