The horse latitudes

Emma pos today 2may lat33 , lon –37,8 NE course in “horse latitudes”, got this name when Spanish sailors ferrying horses to the West Indies were stuck in this calm wind area for month and had to throw the horses into the water otherwise there were no  sweet water for the crew. Emma is in the same situation now. No horsepower from the engine and she has to be rigid with the drinking water so she needs prayer  for good winds. She will not stop at the Azors, but heading home going north of Scotland. Emma told me not to worry, she has caught a hell of a lot fish and prepare them to dry all over Caprice. / A very calm Father


One Reply to “The horse latitudes”

  1. Hon kämpar verkligen hårt. Det blir en lång etapp den här gången. Hon har ju möjligheten att stanna till i Skottland om det behövs. Jag önskar henne bra vindar hemåt. Anders R
    Tack för rapporten Claes!


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