Getting ready for Biscay

I have slowly made progress this week and things are falling into place. The weather has not yet been perfect to leave, but on Sunday/Monday it is turning just in time for me to be ready. And it looks like a week of great winds, at times strong but northerly.

It has been interesting spending all this time alone and watching myself cope with different situations. Being alone can be exhausting. The energy to do things is quite different when you don’t have somebody there to push you on.

But being alone can also give you energy.

This is something I have wanted to do for a long time and though it has been quite tough at times the last two weeks I still managed to remember why.

I now cannot wait to be out there again, this time alone. My first ever ocean crossing alone with the sea.

A couple of days of hard work awaits to further shrink the ‘to do’ list. But it is also important to remember that all boats will always have a ‘to do’ list and sometimes you just need to prioritize and just go. Otherwise you may never leave. A few days ago a man kindly invited me for dinner on his beautiful cargo sailing lugger Greyhound anchored next to me (see picture of last blog) and he said that when people prepare their boats, actually they prepare their minds and many of the practical things are often excuses. He also said ‘remember, boats float and time passes’.

Bay of Biscay, here I come 🙂

3 Replies to “Getting ready for Biscay”

  1. Spänningen stiger – du får säkert en härlig översegling direkt till Kanarieöarna. Blir intressant att se vilken hamn du väljer. Du kan ju alltid byta om du vill. Önskar dig akterliga vindar.
    Vi hörs Anders


  2. Hej Emma,
    Jättespännande att följa dig. Tycker du är helt fantastisk som gör detta! Önskar dig all välgång.
    Själv är jag syster till Andreas Gustafsson och köpte mig också en Laurinkoster i våras. Så det ska bli extra spännande att höra om dina äventyr.
    Segla, njut och lev!!!


  3. Hey Emma, I am following your journey & sending you lots of good wishes. I once read that the step between thought and action is the most difficult step. I am sure that you will be well prepared.
    Sail forth.
    PS Say hi to your dad from me.


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