Anchored in Las Palmas

I am now anchored in the night surrounded by the city lights of Las Palmas on one side and the commercial docks on the other. Feels a bit weird after all those calm days and nights surrounded by only the sea. All is well with me and Caprice. The weather and the sea has treated us very well. Quite a lot of slow sailing and some calms. But some great winds too.

Will write more tomorrow as it’s time for sleep. I wonder if I will still wake up every 1/2 hour….?

Love from me

8 Replies to “Anchored in Las Palmas”

  1. Hooray! Congratulations Emma, very pleased to hear that and to see you. You look very contented and like a proper Sea Dog :)))) Lots of love xxx


  2. Well done Emma!!!
    I’ve followed you every day on Marine Traffic. It is a strange feeling to se the little purple dot together with all the others. Did you have any company along the way? Take care and a big hug.


  3. Hej Emma! Så fantastiskt att se dig anlända till Las Palmas, om än bara som en rad små blå pärlor på ett blått pärlhalsband, ett par minuter fördröjt och på min dator.
    Min underbara klass 8B på Ängås följer dig också med stort intresse.
    Hoppas att du nu får sova riktigt gott (och jag kan släppa vanan att kolla din position, hastighet och kurs varje morgon och kväll). Kram Kaj


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