About my first solo voyage

This crossing from Falmouth was my first solo trip across an ocean. My only previous solo sailing was a few hours just along the coast of Sweden.

I had been quite nervous building up to it. Mostly of being caught alone in fowl weather. However I had such nice weather that at points I nearly wished for a little gale (though a sailor should never say so 🙂

The experience of being alone with the sea for so long was certainly quite special. Perhaps being alone in itself I found a little harder than I expected. I always long for being alone and really treasure any time to myself but this was the first time in years I actually felt lonely at times. And you really are alone. No boats, no land, nothing! 4000 meters to the bottom of the sea and just you and the boat in this big expanse of water. It is really something. As a human you are not used to having such space just to yourself.

Night time I really loved. Somehow each time the darkness starts creeping in, I expected to feel a little worried or a little uneasy. But it doesn’t feel that way. Rather you feel safe. I am scared of the dark in a forest or really anywhere in nature but not at sea. The darkness is so soft and with the fosforescens glowing around the boat you just stand there in awe of natures wonders and your heart cannot but feel at peace.

I had dolphins playing around the boat twice in the first few days of the passage. And a type of smaller whale also visited me. Just 2 hours out from Falmouth one of those whales appeared as if to wish me good luck for my voyage. And then a few days ago I heard the distinct sound of them breathing again and there were quite a few of them around the boat.

I slept really well. At first with 20 minutes intervals and then expanding it to 45 min once out at sea. Often I hardly awoke, just popped my head up and went back to sleep.

Cooking went well too, I usually cooked one meal a day which I ate for lunch and dinner. And I made LOTS of popcorn. Sometimes I had caramelized popcorn for breakfast. Just because I could!

I read a lot and played guitar. And just sat and stared at the sea a lot. There is just so much time to think, a bit too much time to think! In life I have a tendency to always be busy and always do something. At sea you naturally slow down and it becomes like a form of meditation.

And now Caprice and I are in Las Palmas and I am yet again fighting with the ‘to do’ list. Never mind exploring the island! Firstly I am attacking the mould. Many areas in Caprice has become damp and her interior of unvarnished teak seem to attract mould. The green stuff, not black though. So I am pulling everything out and cleaning everywhere with ‘ättika’ and thinking that I might need to varnish all the surfaces. Any tips from fellow sailors are welcome…

And I wish I had a gennaker, code 0 or spinnaker. Light winds from behind turned out to be a bit of a pain with a lot of flapping of sails. And often having to tack/gybe my way as running was out of the question.

We will see where to and when I continue the journey. Tjelvar is coming to visit me next week 🙂

The new beautiful tiller that Leif made 

Oh no, not again!!

I see land! Tenerifa

3 Replies to “About my first solo voyage”

  1. Dear Emma,

    It is so wonderful to follow your voyage i can only wish you fair winds and great travels. I cannot teach you anything as a sailor being of so little experience myself. But, as i have been living on the Amal for almost 3 months now, i have been dealing with humidity. I had a little ingress from the hatch above the V-berth after a showering rain storm and generally speaking humidity is high as a continuous weather factor. Any place containing non varnished wood seems to be at risk. So probably varnishing in a few layers will help. Let it dry between layers. I have shore airconditioning so that helped with keeping the air dry and drying the varnish. Maybe a fan can assist in quick drying. My live aboard neighbors at the dock also use special teak oil in their boats. I haven’t tried that but they say it works well. It smells nice when recently applied. Finally, some replace really bad patches of wood with ipea wood which apparently is very good withstanding humidity. I m considering this for my sink and fridge cover area. It is on my to do list after more urgent repairs.

    Good luck and safe travels, Yudit

    On Oct 21, 2017 01:44, “SAILING ALONE ON S/Y CAPRICE” wrote:

    > Emmasailing posted: “This crossing from Falmouth was my first solo trip > across an ocean. My only previous solo sailing was a few hours just along > the coast of Sweden. I had been quite nervous building up to it. Mostly of > being caught alone in fowl weather. However I had such” >


  2. So lovely to hear about your journey of many different dimensions Emma! Dolphins and whales – amazing. Have you got your clubbing outfit ready for all that island nightlife? 😉 Sending you lots of love xxx


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