Heading Tristan da Cunha.

Got a message from Emma yesterday – in 4 days she will reach Tristan, this very small vulcanic and not very accessible island on latitud 37 between Buenos Aires and Cape Town. 254 inhabitants from Great Britain sharing 9 different surnames. Emma will pass Inaccessible Island!! a very small Island 45km from Tristan.

At the 25 of januar Lollo and I left Emma and Caprice anchored at the beautiful island Ilha Grande south of Rio. We had had a marvelluos nightssail from Rio.   Sitting alone in the cockpit and experience this beautiful heavy ship been taken care of by the windrudder was magic, and even more magic when two dolphines followed us for a while.

At the beginning of februar Emma left  heading for Montevideo and maybe Faulklands Islands. She stoppad at the island Florianpolis 800km south of Rio. And after a couples of days of investigation and “decisionmaking” she decided to go eastwards to Tristan da Cunha.           …… I hope and pray that the see and winds will take Caprice in to the very small port at Tristan.

One Reply to “Heading Tristan da Cunha.”

  1. Hej Emma
    Hoppas allt ok med dig. Gillar ditt beslut att satsa på Tristan da Cunha. Falklandsöarna lät kallt o blåsigt. Nu får du svensk sommar istället?! Vet inte hur det är med internet men ser framemot en blänkare iaf.
    Anders R


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