Reached Tristan da Cunha

Emma called us this night – from the house of the tourist “agency”!!. She has been very well taken care of, Advised where to anchor outside the very small unprotected harbour and picked up by a boat. Yesterday we got a message, that the engine had stopped 9nm from the harbour. Luckely easy winds took her to the anchoring place. A serviceman will look at the engine tomorrow. Emma wrote that the island looks magical and beautiful.


One Reply to “Reached Tristan da Cunha”

  1. Hej o tack för Mail.
    Emma blir säkert omhändertagen, folket där verkar mycket hjälpsamma. En ensam tjej ligger bra till förstås. Är väl rätt få seglare som angör. Finns en hemsida om Tristan. /Anders R


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