Leaving Tristan

This monday Emma was forced by the whether and expected high waves —as far as I ,v  understood —to leave the island. A guy had checked the  engine but couldn,t do anything. Emma has to take a descision , either go east to Cape Town or north to St Helena. It looks like the winds will take her to the northern direktion.  I believe it would be good for Emma to feel mental support from all of her friends so let us send  it to her. I will do it tonight….




4 Replies to “Leaving Tristan”

  1. Hej
    Knepigt att välja ibland. Cape Town har ju all service för båtmotorer. st Helena är poppis bland långseglarna. Det skall vara en fin ö. Hoppas du får goa akterliga vindar iaf. Anders R


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